Glass Splashbacks

Coloured and mirrored glass splashbacks can be used in a variety of suitable areas – such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Glass splashbacks are functional, easy to clean and visually appealing. Our custom made glass splashbacks are ideal for wherever moisture hits the wall. As water boils or grease sizzles, food or liquids may spit and splash around your kitchen. Over time, these splatters will stain and mark the surrounding walls, making your otherwise luxurious kitchen look aged beyond its years.

The protective covering that a glass splashback offers looks great with any kitchen style. Additionally, you can pick any colour that suits your kitchen’s décor. Glass Projects glass splashbacks are measured specifically to your kitchen’s dimensions and offer a durable, hygienic, seam-free, grout-free, modern and refined look. Due to reflective qualities of glass, glass splashbacks can also offer a feeling of space and light within the room. Rather than opting for tile, stainless steel or acrylic, you can make your kitchen more appealing when you select a glass splashback for your home.